Professional credit, solutions to finance your projects.

What is a professional credit?

The professional loan is a loan reserved for the liberal professions, craftsmen and tradesmen, farmers, associations, TPE-SME-SMI and self-entrepreneurs. It is intended to finance professional investments.

Fundable operations

It is a question of financing the needs related to the development of the activity of the professionals. Funded operations are often related to equipment needs, real estate or cash requirements. Professional credit allows you to meet your different financing needs throughout the life of your business.

What are the different types of professional credit?

What are the different types of professional credit?

The financing of your activity includes different types of professional credits: short-term with credit and revolving credit, medium-term with factoring and leasing, and longer-term loan with amortizable and indebtedness. fine.

To obtain this financing it is important to prepare your file, for that do not hesitate to complete an online form, an expert The Central Lending will recontact you.

What guarantees can be requested?

What guarantees can be requested?

The professional loan guarantees allow the lending institutions to protect themselves in the event of payment default of the company. Guarantees can be taken on goods, on furniture or through specialized institutions.


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